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Sponsor: EPIRBHire.com.au

On any journey, no matter how epic or trivial, safety is our number 1 concern. Having a reliable way to communicate with the outside world to summon help may easily be the difference between life and death.

EPRIBHire.com.au has been amazingly supporting of Chris and Clark's various journeys right from the start, providing us with free loans of the worlds latest EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) with an inbuilt GPS. On our 2005 arctic expedition, we took two - one each, and will be doing the same on this 2008 continuation.

EPIRBHire.com.au are also providing us with our GPS for this expedition! Another vital piece of kit!

So a huge thank you to Caroline and Peter Davidson at www.EPIRBHire.com.au, for your continued, friendly support. EPIRBs, along with satellite phones, are central to all our expeditions.

Visit the EPIRBHire.com.au website: http://www.EPIRBHire.com.au.

Clark with EPIRB on his back while hauling

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3-min lead-up video clip

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