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Live from the Expedition (89)
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US on Sunrise morning TV program, back home
Us being interviewed live for Global News, Canada
Walking away from The Jock McNiven Tug
The wonderful cook onboard - Christina - with newly baked cookies for us!
Clark dead to the world - first sleep in a real bed on the tug the Jock McNiven
Onboard The Jock McNiven
polar bear
All 3 of us on the West Side of Victoria Island
Us standing right on the west coast, enjoying an unrationed peanut butter on tortilla bread.
Chris lowering PAC in fog

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Building PAC Version 2 (2008) (78)
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Clark hosing down PAC2
Chris putting sponsor banner on PAC
Chris and Clark working on sponsor logo banner
Stabbing PAC2 tire with screwdriver
Clark spray painting our PAC2s
Our carbon-fiber hard-top for the PAC2s
Us with our composite rims and carbon hard tops
Chris hauling PAC2 towards the Discovery Channel film crew
Chris welding together last bits of PAC2 frame
Chris and Clark explaining our fancy rims to Discovery Channel film crew

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2005 Expedition (26)
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Chris and Clark hauling PACs towards camera along snow covered esker
Chris leaning right over slowly hauling PAC through mud.
Aurora Borealis burning brightly above PAC
Sanding on an iceberg in our gore-tex® drysuits - very cold.
Ceremonial flag waving before being picked up at the end of 2005 expedition
Clark and Willy walking along plane during the 2005 pick-up
Polar Bear
Twin Otter plane beside out PACs ready to pick us up
Holding up the signed Australian Geographic Society banner just before we bury it to dig up upon our return.
Not your typical tent vestibule. Shoes, camerabag and shotgun. Same on each side.

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Building PAC Version 1 (2005) (22)
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Clark building first few frames for PAC1
Chris assembling PAC frames to form skeleton to wrap aluminium sheeting over
Chris drilling holes to fix metal hull sheeting onto frames
Cutting out the various hatches and holes with jigsaw. So noisy!
Clark wishing it was all over and we were just out there paddling already
Gnarly point on the front... awesome!
Quick test in the neighbours swimming pool to see if it floats...
Spray painting the PAC fluoro rescue orange - so bright it hurts to look at it!
Almost done! Just some finishing touches
All done! Chris and Clark infront of wrapped up PACs delivered to shipping company!

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Animals (8)
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polar bear
Clark lowering the PAC down a hill whilst a musk ox runs away ahead
Lone arctic wolf investigating us during lunch break
Polar Bear
Muskox skull and bones in snow
Lone bull muskox - have to keep an eye out for these guys
Arctic fox - fully grown adult in summer coat
Clark pretending to be a muskox while I pretend not to be concerned about his sanity

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Training (5)
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Clark being filmed for Ch7 National News
Clark being filmed by Discovery Channel pulling the truck tyre for training
Clark hating life after first tyre dragging session
Chris hauling truck tyre along beach
Clark dragging tyre along palm beach

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