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Chris Bray

Chris Bray (www.ChrisBray.net)

Now 24, living in Sydney, Australia, was born into a life of adventure - sailing around the world for 5 years with his family on their homemade yacht Starship. Leading an active outdoor lifestyle, when he was just 20 Chris organised and embarked on a 30-day expedition in Tasmania’s untracked south-western wilderness – complete with airdrops of supplies. Australian Geographic labelled this trek ‘one of the toughest foot journeys in the world’ and named him, along with his hiking mate Jasper Timm, the ‘Young Adventurer of the Year’ in 2004. This trek was soon followed by other journeys and in 2005 Chris lead a 2-man, world-first... Read More >>

Clark Carter

Clark Carter (www.ClarkCarter.com)

At 23 years of age, Clark Carter is passionate about two things – Adventure and Filmmaking. Fortunately for him, he is able to combine both of these passions into what is quickly becoming a career for the young Australian. In 2005, and at just 21 years old, Clark along with fellow adventurer Chris Bray embarked on a world-first expedition in an attempt to traverse Victoria Island, located in the remote Canadian arctic. The pair spent 58 days, alone, in their effort to cross the estimated 1100km of mostly unexplored land totally unsupported, in which they dragged, paddled and wheeled 250kg each behind them in their home designed and built all-terrain carts. However, due to unforseen circumstances and the nature of the expedition, after 58 days, the pair... Read More >>

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