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Our latest position

Inside Chris's cart is a GPS tracking system, that sends our exact position back to this website automatically every few hours via Iridium satellite! So be sure to keep an eye on this page as we inch our way across the island - zoom right in to see how bizarre the terrain is we're encountering right at this very moment! See below for map key. This little tracker was provided for us by Global Marine Networks (www.GlobalMarineNet.net) - the perfect thing for keeping track of yachts, ships... and PACs!

= Our latest position!
= Our 2008 start point, the end of our 2005 expedition.
= Our 2005 expedition start point.
= Hopefully the finish of our 2008 expedition, the most westerly point of Victoria Island!

The red line was our 2005 route, the light, faded green route is our approximate intended 2008 route, and the bright green line shows our progress so far in 2008!

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