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Who is this Clark Carter fellow?

Clark Carter

At 23 years of age, Clark Carter is passionate about two things – Adventure and Filmmaking. Fortunately for him, he is able to combine both of these passions into what is quickly becoming a career for the young Australian.

In 2005, and at just 21 years old, Clark along with fellow adventurer Chris Bray embarked on a world-first expedition in an attempt to traverse Victoria Island, located in the remote Canadian arctic. The pair spent 58 days, alone, in their effort to cross the estimated 1100km of mostly unexplored land totally unsupported, in which they dragged, paddled and wheeled 250kg each behind them in their self designed and built all-terrain carts. However, due to unforseen circumstances and the nature of the expedition, after 58 days, the pair had not reached their destination, but found themselves instead, only one third across the island. Not beaten, Clark and Chris decided to bury the Australian Geographic Society’s flag they carried, with the plan to one day return, dig up the flag and continue on their quest.

Currently studying for his B. Arts (Media and Communications) Majoring in Film at the University of NSW, Clark is an experienced filmmaker, taking 37 hours of High Definition footage during the 2005 expedition across Victoria Island. He has worked as a freelance cameraman and was the assistant sound editor on several major films including Marvel Comics “Manthing” and Universal’s AFI nominated “Hating Alison Ashley”.

During his travels, Clark endeavours to capture not only his experiences on film, but also record the world through which he travels. Rather than embarking on adventures trying to rule and conquer the elements, Clark chooses instead to immerse him-self in them, and in this way gets more out of the experience. Exploring how far the human spirit can push the body past its perceived limits, Clark has experienced parts of the globe that very few ever have, inspiring others to also reach beyond their own limits.

Clark is a motivational speaker who has presented many lectures on his Victoria Island expedition with Chris Bray. The pair have held several sold out lectures for the Australian Geographic Society, Air Canada, Icebreaker, Gore-Tex, The Explorers Club, Adventures in Film Expo as well as motivational talks for high school and primary schools.

Clark is a member of the prestigious Explores Club and also the Society for Human Performance in Extreme Environments. Clark currently runs the GORE-TEX® Spirit of Adventure Grant with fellow explorer Chris Bray and has plans to return to Victoria Island in mid-2008 for the second part of their expedition to be the first people in history to completely traverse Victoria Island.

When he’s not at University, planning expeditions, raising money, working, training, holding lectures or playing with fancy cameras – you can find him running a muck in the surf, brushing up on his kiting skills, hanging out with friends and just generally being mischievous.


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