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Sponsor: Dick Smith Foods

Established by famous Aussie adventurer and entrepreneur Dick Smith, this company has become an Australian Icon.

AUSTRALIAN MADE and AUSTRALIAN OWNED - Dick Smith Foods are made in Australia by Australian owned companies. We believe this is important because it provides employment for Australians and all the profits remain here, helping the future of our country.

Dick has a keen sense of adventure, having undertaken many successful expeditions of his own, and he also founded the Australian Geographic Society. Through his company Dick Smith Foods, Dick generously supported our 2005 arctic expedition, as well as our 2008 continuation!

Good on you Dick, and thanks!

Visit the Dick Smith Foods website: http://www.DickSmithFoods.com.

Clark pushing his cart out of a mud pit, 2005

What's all this talk of an expedition?

What it's all about

3-min lead-up video clip

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