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Sponsor: Global Marine Networks

Global Marine Networks (GMN) is the leader in fast satellite data speeds and services like satellite email, satellite phone internet, and satellite data optimization. Our products include satellite equipment, accessories, and software from major satellite manufacturers like Iridium, Globalstar, Inmarsat, VSAT, and Thuraya.

In addition to great deals on satellite airtime we can help you reduce satellite airtime cost and make satellite data faster and cheaper with Optimizer and XGate - now compatible with Apple iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Google Android tablets and smartphones right over your satellite phone data feed!

We are also key providers of maritime (marine) weather software, vessel tracking solutions, and free GRIB files. Feel free to visit our site and get in contact for help with your satellite communication needs.

GMN hosted the Iridium communications for our 2005 'Ocean Frontiers 1000 Hour Day' expedition, and we are very glad indeed to have them onboard again for the 2008 continuation. GMN is providing us with their email compression software xGate to enable us to efficiently send & receive Emails live from the expedition via our tiny ASUS Eee PC, linked to our Iridium satellite mobile phone.

One of the best things about our 2005 expedition was the ability GMN gave us to share our experiences with the outside world as it happened, and will be doing the same this time around. We used their brilliant XGate and iScribe software - check out on their web site below.

Visit the Global Marine Networks website: http://www.GlobalMarineNet.net.

Using GMN's xGate software to send emails to the ourside world in 2005

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