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Sponsor: Landwide Satellite Solutions

Landwide Satellite Solutions is a long-term, key-stone sponsor of our expeditions, providing us with the central piece of our communications setup - Iridium satellite mobile phones. 100% Global Coverage - both voice and data. Being able to communicate with the outside world is invaluable for a journey like this not only is it an important safety item, but it enables us to share the experience with the world while we're out there - using the iridium satellite phone, we can call up schools, do live radio and TV interviews, and even link it up to our laptop (in this case our tiny ASUS Eee PC) and send/receive emails, even upload photos to our website!

For this expedition, Landwide Satellite Solutions have added another awesome piece of kit to our setup - a self contained Iridium tracker unit, that will automatically send back our latest position direct to an embedded Google Map on our website, every few hours. Too cool!

There is an inverse-relationship between places that have perfect cellular mobile phone reception and places that are perfect for an adventure. Out in the wilderness, whether we just want to let the outside world know we're alive, or if we're sending out regular expedition updates, complete with photographs live from the arctic - John Booth from Landwide Satellite Solutions has us covered.

You're a legend John!

Visit the Landwide Satellite Solutions website: http://www.Landwide.com.au.

Iridium satellite phone connected to an ASUS Eee PC

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