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Sponsor: Skins

Skins are basically amazing skin-tight garments designed for athletes to train, compete and live in. They are described as body-moulded gradient compression performance equipment with built-in BioAcceleration Technology(TM) which will enhance your performance in training, competition and recovery. In laymen's terms, they help circulation, increase muscle oxygenation and stop lactic acid build-up along with many other fancy things that help us perform better! We both bought a pair of Skins half-tights back in September and trialled them, wearing them continually as boxer shorts for the 40 day sail across the Southern Ocean to Chile. We were suitably impressed and so we rang them up and they were more than happy to help us our with some goodies including half-tights to wear on the trip, as well as heaps of other Skins for training, paddling, riding and running back at home. Take a look at their website, it's pretty cool stuff.

Visit the Skins website: http://www.skins.net.au.

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