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Sponsor: RODE Microphones

We took almost 40 hours of HD footage during our 2005 expedition to Victoria Island and filming this expedition is just as crucial because when we get back we'll be producing a full length documentary. Its one thing to get great images of a place rarely visited by humans - but getting great sound just adds that much more atmosphere to the whole film and engages the audience a lot more. Thats why we're using the Rode Stereo VideoMic and the VideoMic to capture all the amazing sounds and atmospheres of Victoria Island. You'll be able to hear every little drop of melting ice and glob of mud under our boots. The mics a rough, tough and good to go!

Visit the RODE Microphones website: http://www.rodemic.com/.

Clark using the Rode VideoMic during their 2005 Expedition to Victoria Island

What's all this talk of an expedition?

What it's all about

3-min lead-up video clip

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