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Well it's been just over a year now since we 'got to the far side', so I wanted to send out a quick update to let you know what we've been up to.

So we came back, did a lecture tour and things like that, and then life settled down to normality again:

For me, that involved cycling around Tasmania with my girlfriend, then heading down to Antarctica on a cruise ship as part of their 'Expedition Team' and official, returning then to keep planning towards what was to be my 'next big expedition' - re-enacting captain Bligh's famous 'Bounty Boat' voyage with Don McIntyre next yr, which I have subsequently pulled out of, and instead focused on photography to extract myself from Arctic debt. I went on assignment to Papua New Guinea for Australian Geographic and did some tutorial videos for Canon, and then started up my own business 'Chris Bray Photography' running 1-Day Photography Courses all around Australia (mostly in Zoos, which is kinda fun!) which has been going really well actually, backed by Canon, Australian Geographic and Lowepro! Also my partner Jess and I have got a little 29-foot junk-rig yacht over in Halifax, East-Coast Canada, and we've re-named it 'Teleport' and are now saving hard to fly over there and start sailing her home, via the Northwest Passage, Alaska, Siberia etc.. so that'll be awesome! Also started to get my act together with writing my book about the arctic trip, with a few publishers already excited =)

Clark too slipped back to the hum-drum life of an Adventurer, working like a mad-man with his expedition mate Ryan Story to compete in this year's Indian Ocean Rowing Race, only to have to pull out at the last minute when their major sponsor pulled out! So Clark's been busy finishing his film degree (He says he'll complete it in October this year! Ha ha, that has to be the longest '3-yr degree' in history Clark!). He has also been busy with some film jobs including working on the 1000 Hour Day Expedition and the Indian Ocean rowing race 2009 documentaries (for the entire race!). Oh, and his next big adventure has just been (partly) released! He plans on heading to Antarctica with fellow adventurers James Castrission and Justin Jones (the 'Crossing the ditch' kayaking boys!). Long story short, it's going to involve man-hauling sleds to the South Pole, but with a 'twist'. Stay tuned to the www.ClarkCarter.com website for that one! In between all that, we've both been basically running the Australia and New Zealand chapter of 'The Explorers Club' (I'm their new Chairman, and Clark's the Program Coordinator), so that's been fun.

Late October this year (24th - 25th) we're both entering the 'Hawkesbury Classic' which is an annual 111 km marathon canoe race overnight down the Hawkesbury River, raising money for the Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation to 'give hope to people suffering from diseases treatable by bone marrow and adult stem cell transplants'. It's open to kayaks as well as canoes, and so for the fun of it, Clark and I are dragging out our 2005-expedition PACs from under the house (actually one's been in the Australian Museum for a bit!). We're going to enter the race in those orange, home-made aluminium wheeled kayaks that we lived out of across the first 300km of Victoria Island. As they already have Australian Geographic logos conveniently on the sides, AG have kindly agreed to pay our entry fee, but we need to raise at least $200 each for the charity. So... now you know the sneaky self-serving reason for this 'out of the blue' update - anyone want to donate a few bucks to a good cause? Even just a 'fiver' would start to add up! Please!?!? =) You can use the 'Donate Now' button below... Go on, you know you want to...

Righty-oh, better get stuck back into my day... Hope you're all well.


Chris & Clark

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13th Sep 09 - scuba dave - commented:

wish you would stop all this stamping all over the planet sillyness and get a real job
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21st Aug 09 - Peter Hess - commented:

Chris & Clarke Can't tell you how dull this summer has seemed without the vicarious thrills of following your Victoria Island expedition like I did last year. Very much looking forward to the book and documentary. Congrats on running the Aussie/NZ Chapter of The Explorers Club. Having done so myself for 6 years, I can offer some advise if needed. One: get good speakers--even if their subject matter isn't as compelling, the strencth of the presenter outweighs the story. Two: run events in conjunction with other like-minded organizations. This ensures good attendance, a positive cash flow, and espirt de corps among your members. Don't neglect the regular attendees who are perhaps only armchair explorers--if they come to your events and patronize the EC, they are more valuable than those who are actual EC Members but never seem to make it to meetings or events. I will redouble my efforts to get you two on the program for ECAD 2010. As Chapter officers, the appeal to the Club is even stronger. Moreover, you two are precisely the type of younger Explorers that we need to attract if the EC is to continue to be in the forefront of field exploration. Keep up the great work and let's by all means remain in touch, Your friend and colleague in exploration, Peter Hess Hessians@aol.com
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21st Aug 09 - cutterbuddy - commented:

I watched every day as James and Justin crossed the ditch and when you two went across Victoria Island. Now I can't wait for James, Justin and Clark's Antartica trip! How exciting that you, Clark, will be going! The best of luck to the 3 of you. And to you too, Chris, in all that you do. I will be watching, thanks for this update, I was wondering not long ago what you were up to.... pat in Texas
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20th Aug 09 - Tricia Foran - commented:

Thanks for the update Chris, you guys are so inspiring, keep up the good work, and I love the updates....cheers
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2nd Dec 15 - Mayumi - commented:

thanks very much off what you doing , i show you in CNN NEWS, and i got interest with your jrneuoy ,would you mind to come Kenya one day i host you ,for me am doing climate change we are on caravan from Kenya to south Africa by road,i will be happy to work with you here in Kenya,
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2nd Dec 15 - Aryona - commented:

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17th Mar 16 - your name - commented:

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17th Mar 16 - -1' - commented:

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17th Mar 16 - your name - commented:

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17th Mar 16 - your name - commented:

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17th Mar 16 - your name - commented:

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6th Aug 20 - X9ZXJK35A1 www.yandex.ru - commented:

X9ZXJK35A1 www.yandex.ru
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